Sunday, February 8, 2009

Long time no see!!!!

Well, I definitely don't seem to be keeping to my new year's resolution as far as my blog is's been at least two weeks. If I think hard enough, I'm sure I'll find something to blame it on!

School has been hard & I really can't wait for the mid-term holiday, but best of all, Shobo'll be back in less than a week. The house is in complete turmoil with builder's in & out all the time (WHY do they make such a mess???), but thank goodness, it'll all soon be done. Peter & I can't wait. How I wish that both Funlola & Shofela could be here for the summer holidays.

Anyhow, as always stuff has been happening at Greensprings. Friday was Pre School Activities Day & the little darlings had a great time, as you can see.


Shobo Coker said...

Why is it called "Marti the Mango" if there's a cat(?) on the cover!? Looks like it was fun though, especially the train :)

Worker Bee said...

H's called Marti AND the Mango....and it's a mouse, not a cat!!! I guess he's a mouse that likes mangoes! And yes, it was fun....for them!!!

Robot Turkey Girl said...

aww I wish we had a pre-school Activity Day! and I also wish that Shof was coming home with me too :(

Well as far as blogging goes, you're not alone, I haven't put anything new up since last year! Shame